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Art of Pilates

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Art of Pilates

Art of Pilates is a fitness studio focused on the health and well being of the local community.

The Project

When Art of Pilates came under new management, they had the foresight to know that a web marketing strategy was going to be important. They faced a challenge, however. The previous owner was stuck in a bad deal with a website on a complicated platform. Every time they needed a quick change or access, it was a difficult task with the previous company charging a premium. Even minor adjustments were costing a lot of money. Not to mention, the look and feel of the old site well…. let’s say it left a lot to be desired.

At Design ME Marketing, it isn’t uncommon to find business owners in this predicament. We reconstructed the Art of Pilates website on an easy to use WordPress platform. This way, they would NEVER be a prisoner again to expensive design costs. We used our expertise in custom UI/UX design, along with site conversion strategy, to set the stage for future lead capture.

The Design ME content team got to work on copy while our Social Media team fine-tuned company pages. Kudos to this business owner who entrusted us to take the necessary steps. We even set up a basic instance of Hubspot CRM and helped with a bit of consultation around the sales process. All that was next was to start driving traffic.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:

The Results

The new website was a hit! Not only did it look great, but the on-page conversion strategy immediately yielded a better response from web visitors. Starting the marketing campaign, success was centered around driving sales opportunities via organic and paid traffic.

By combining social media ads on Facebook and Instagram and search engine optimization efforts we saw a tremendous increase in targeted traffic and keyword rankings within the first 6 months. Implementing call tracking and on-site lead conversion helped us to monitor success. Art of Pilates received inquiries by the way of phone calls, emails, and on-site visits that can be attributed to the campaigns.

Today, we continue to assist in the growth of this studio while providing a great website that meets the needs of this client.



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The Results

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