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Every second of delay in your webpage loading time can escalate your bounce rate, causing you to lose potential leads. Enhance your website’s performance and secure high-grade leads and traffic with Design Me Marketing’s technical SEO services.


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Understanding Technical SEO: Its Significance and Role

Technical SEO involves optimizing your website to meet search engine standards, ensuring it can be easily crawled and indexed. The primary aim of a technical SEO audit is to evaluate your website’s current SEO status and identify areas that require enhancement for an improved online experience.

Search engines have evolved significantly over time, driven by changing user demands. Statista reports that there are approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. This dramatic increase in smartphone usage led Google to update its algorithm, emphasizing site speed and mobile experience when ranking web pages.

Nowadays, websites with poor structure, slow loading times, or faulty redirects could face penalties from Google. If these technical SEO issues are not addressed promptly, they could lead to a significant drop in search rankings and organic traffic. Considering that nearly 35 percent of clicks go to the top organic search results, a decrease in ranking could severely impact your business. 

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Technical SEO: Laying the Foundation for an Enhanced Search Experience

Technical SEO Support

The crux of algorithm changes lies in one objective: delivering an optimal user experience. To accomplish this, it’s essential to comprehend what technical SEO is, its components, and how an SEO technical audit can help ensure your website meets search engine guidelines and industry norms.

Technical SEO encompasses several elements, such as site speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), robots exclusion protocol (robots.txt), XML sitemap status, and content quality. These aspects are crucial to your website’s online performance. As per Google, a 10-second page load speed could cause a 123 percent surge in bounce rate. A mere one-second delay in mobile page load time can result in a 20 percent drop in conversion rate, an 11 percent decrease in page views, and a 16 percent dip in customer satisfaction.

Don’t wait for technical SEO issues to negatively impact your site’s SEO performance. Invest in technical SEO for eCommerce, WordPress, and other content management systems (CMS) now, and save resources in the future.

Contact our technical SEO experts to learn more about technical SEO for WordPress and its relevance to your business’s growth and success.

Local Business Optimization with Technical SEO Services

Boost Your Search Rankings Without Creating Additional Content

In the fiercely competitive online world, it’s essential to stay updated with the newest technical on-page SEO strategies and algorithm changes to enhance your website’s profitability. Grasping the concept of technical SEO and its requirements helps you structure your web pages for both online users and search engine crawlers.

Technical SEO encompasses the following procedures:

We recognize that balancing the intricate demands and procedures of technical SEO optimization alongside your primary business tasks can drain your time, finances, and resources. That’s where our technical SEO experts come in to assist you.

Is your website’s technical on-page SEO functionality impeding your organic search performance? Allow our technical SEO firm to handle the heavy lifting for you. Delegate your SEO technical audit and enhancement to Thrive and unlock your growth potential.

Our Expert Technical SEO Services

Develop Effective SEO Tactics for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Technical SEO Audit

We conduct an extensive technical SEO audit to detect and resolve any issues on your website. The audit encompasses crucial areas such as mobile performance, internal link structure, page speed, XML sitemap, indexation, crawl errors, robots.txt, and site architecture. Based on the analytical findings, we formulate immediate and future strategies to enhance your website's user experience and boost your rankings on Google.

Meta Data Analysis

Enhance your online presence and attract more visitors with well-crafted meta tags that accurately represent your page content to both users and search engines. We offer technical SEO services for WordPress, which includes the analysis and optimization of your meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robot tags. This approach guarantees that any misuse of metadata won't adversely affect your SEO standing.

Speed Optimization

Page loading speed influences not just your SEO rankings but also the overall online experience of your customers. Our technical SEO experts employ file compression techniques to minimize the size of your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files. Additionally, we refine your code, decrease redirects, make use of browser caching, implement content distribution networks (CDNs), and enhance server response time.

Keyword Research

Keyword analysis forms the foundation of your online marketing approach. Gather insights into prevailing industry trends and customer behavior, and guarantee suitable keyword application across your website. Our SEO experts delve into your specific sector and conduct comprehensive technical SEO assessments to ascertain your keyword standings and enhance your web pages with high-ranking search terms.

Penalty Recovery

Google penalties may result from alterations in algorithms or unethical technical SEO for WordPress. To assist you in recovering from a penalty, our SEO specialists utilize the Google Search Console to determine the specific penalty impacting your website, evaluate your backlink approaches, and rectify any discrepancies on original web pages and content indexed by Google. We also verify all your redirects to ensure they function properly.

Competitor Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your competitors' optimization strategies and uncover potential avenues for conversion. Our technical SEO advisor assesses your competitors' keyword effectiveness, search engine rankings, social media footprint, and their technical and backlink profile. This analysis enables us to design tactics that will give you a unique edge in your specific market segment.

Image Optimization

Oversized images can hinder your website's performance and deter visitors. Enhance your website's loading speed and draw in more clientele with our technical SEO services for eCommerce. Our experts select the appropriate file format, optimize your alt attributes, diminish your image file sizes, employ image sitemaps, and make the most of image optimization plugins.

Structured Data Markup

Enhance the ability of search engines to crawl, understand, and present your content with the use of schema markup. We accentuate your page elements, allocate data tags, generate the HTML, and incorporate the schema markup to your page. To test your markup and identify any potential issues, our team employs Google's Structured Data Testing Tool.

Backlink Analysis

Improve your comprehension of your website's online credibility and search ranking potential through technical SEO for eCommerce and other platforms. Our team carries out backlink assessments to make sure you receive inbound links from trustworthy and high-authority websites. We use multiple backlink data sources to pinpoint your referring domains, verify their site authority, and evaluate the extent of social sharing of the linking pages.

Website Migration

The process of website migration requires careful handling. Construct a sturdy migration strategy to prevent the loss of significant traffic. We execute SEO-friendly website migration, encompassing steps like benchmarking analytics performance, aligning all altered URLs from the previous site to the new domain, updating all internal links, removing duplicate content, handling 404 pages, and tracking traffic and rankings.

A Results-Driven Technical SEO Firm

Enhance Your Website’s Performance and Increase Organic Traffic Flow

Technical SEO for WordPress and other CMS platforms is pivotal for online triumph. By implementing a precise technical SEO optimization strategy, you can promptly identify website challenges, rectify them instantly, and guarantee all SEO components are functioning as they should.

Utilize our SEO services to reap benefits and accomplish sustainable long-term growth. Here’s what’s in store for you when you collaborate with our technical SEO firm:

In-depth Website Audits

The performance of your website is the culmination of various factors working together. At Thrive, we conduct in-depth site audits encompassing technical SEO, paid campaigns, conversion rate optimization (CRO), backlink profiles, analytics, and competitive landscape. This approach enables us to make business decisions rooted in solid data and meticulous research.

Analytics and Reporting

Monitor your SEO campaign’s progress and maintain a keen eye on all your digital activities. Our team utilizes analytics to garner practical insights and achieve your set goals. We also offer routine consultations, email updates, and monthly reports to keep you informed about your marketing successes, areas for improvement, and potential opportunities.

Technical SEO Specialists

Design ME Marketing is a distinguished technical SEO firm in the United States, boasting a team of SEO experts certified by Google. They manage your project from the evaluation phase to the final execution. They pinpoint, strategize, and implement technical SEO suggestions backed by data, while staying abreast of the latest industry trends to guarantee successful outcomes.

Goal-Oriented Web Strategies

In the initial consultation stage at Design ME Marketing, we assess and scrutinize your existing campaign status, marketing goals, and aspirations. This allows us to align our technical SEO strategies with your objectives effectively. Our team also utilizes diverse distribution techniques to boost your website’s leads and traffic.

Secure your website’s future and elevate your conversion rates with SEO strategies custom-made to align with your brand. We offer technical SEO services for various platforms, including eCommerce, Shopify, franchises, Amazon, and local businesses. Our team eliminates factors hampering your website’s performance, enhances your page content, and personalizes your brand to resonate with both search engines and online visitors.

Our technical SEO firm has collaborated with hundreds of businesses throughout the U.S. to enhance their online visibility. By conducting detailed SEO technical audits and executing effective SEO strategies, we have successfully identified and rectified numerous recurring website issues. Learn more about the excellence of our technical SEO services directly from our clientele.

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