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Design ME is a trusted Long Island SEO Company

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Are you a Long Island business owner looking for a local SEO company? 

Design ME Marketing is an award-winning SEO company located in the heart of Long Island, NY. Design ME stands out from the rest of their competition as they have been revolutionizing the SEO industry since 2012. With their innovative and creative strategies, they have driven success for thousands of businesses worldwide. Design ME uses a data-driven and results-driven approach to search engine optimization.

This means we build custom SEO campaigns for our clients that don’t just bring rankings and traffic, but also increase sales and conversions. 

So if you’re tired of these “out-of-the-box” SEO packages and companies that charge a ton and get no results, then you are at the right place.

Because of our attention to detail and track record of success, companies all over Long Island trust Design ME with their SEO campaigns and digital marketing success.

An investment in SEO is a no-brainer and needed for every Long Island business. 

According to, 9 out of every ten shoppers will look up a business online before visiting their store or purchasing online. The question is, will they find you?

Long Island businesses must invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize their marketing return on investment (ROI). 

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Partner with us at Design ME and take your Long Island business to new levels. Increase your visibility, traffic, and online sales and leads.

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Keyword Research and Strategy

This is where most SEO companies mess up the whole campaign. It’s not just about getting companies ranked for keywords that get searched a lot. It’s about getting companies ranked for keywords that will make them money. We do extensive keyword research not just on your own website, but on your competitors websites too. When we generate the list of keywords, we begin to craft a plan to optimize your website, generate valuable content, and build brand authority across the web. This way, Google trusts you to show your website above your competitors. Watch this video on how we do our keyword research!

Link Building

I want you to think of backlinks like votes. How many other, high quality websites, are linking to or voting for your website. In our SEO campaigns, we acquire only the best possible links that we can find. A study according to AHREFS shows that a good, high quality backlink comes from websites that are relevant to your niche, have actual organic traffic going to their website, and have a good backlink profile themselves (also known as DA or DR). 

We will audit your backlink profile and then lay out a plan to execute on getting relevant links for your website. In fact, Backlinko studies over 11.8 million search results and has found that the number of good backlinks does have a direct impact on your rankings.

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Technical SEO Support

Technical SEO

All of the latest changes by Google focus on the experience of the visitor on your website. Does your website load fast? Is the website engaging? Are all of the SEO optimizations, like schema markup, structured data, meta titles and descriptions, image ALT tags, sitemaps, and robots.txt files, in place? 

Sounds like a lot, huh? I totally get it. This is why you need to leave this to the professionals at Design ME. mentions technical SEO as a vital part of any SEO strategy.

Local SEO

If you’re a local business that is looking for more traffic to your store, then local SEO needs to be a primary focus of your campaign. Especially since 81% of consumers use Google to evaluate a local business.

Local SEO involves optimizing your map locations and GMB profile. Connecting them to your website. Generating reviews. Getting listed in local directories, and honestly, so much more. Different names, old addresses, and a lack of visibility can hurt your bottom line. Let’s get started on getting everything aligned and running.

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Content Strategy

Your content needs to serve a purpose. After we do our keyword research, we map out a content plan to meet the needs of those who are searching. Your content needs to be engaging, informative, and designed to convert. Our SEO-optimized content is written by SEO experts, is written to be a solution for the person searching in the search engines. 

We want to position you as an authority in your industry and the perfect fit to be of service to any and all search queries around your niche. 

Design ME Named One Of The Top SEO Companies on Long Island By Upcity

UPCITY is a B2B marketplace that helps businesses find service providers they can trust. 

We have been featured on their website before, not just for our excellent SEO services but for many of the services we provide to Long Island Businesses.

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SEO Triumphs: Showcasing Our Success

Here are 8 points that make us the perfect SEO company for Long Island businesses:

1) We do a detailed audit of your website and competitors. We deem anyone who ranks above you for your “money keywords” a competitor.

2) Based on our research and your goals, we will customize a plan that fits within your budget. A realistic game plan is then laid out to ensure we are all on the same page.

3) We take care of all technical optimizations. This includes making your website quick and crawlable for Google. This will optimize the visitor’s experience.

4) We do all on-page optimizations with conversion in mind. We ensure that your pages are designed to be engaging and convert visitors into clients/customers. We also ensure that all meta titles and descriptions are in place, the header structure is accurate, and the internal linking is done right.

5) We will create all the content needed for your website. Does Google view your website as an authority in your industry? If they do, they will rank whatever you have to say. Our SEO campaigns include building your authority with links and creating engaging content. This content will bring new clients and customers to your business.

6) We build real backlinks! We find high-quality websites and directories and then negotiate to get a link from their website to yours. A good website is relevant to your business and has a high DA (domain authority). We also ensure it has real organic traffic.

7) Our reporting is hands down the best in the SEO industry. You get monthly video overviews of your campaign, where we discuss the current status and suggest ways forward. You also get automated reports monthly and weekly, depending on the package. Lastly, for our managed SEO campaigns, you have a designated account manager who meets with you weekly or biweekly. Whatever works for you!

8) Every bit of our work is logged. Whatever work we do is logged into your dashboard. You can always see the links we build and the work you are paying for.

These 8 points make us unique and different from any company you have ever worked with. When you hire us, you are hiring a partner—a marketing arm that cares about your company’s success as much as you do.


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  • Over 15 years of experience in SEO
  • Award-winning Long Island SEO firm for the last 15 years.
  • Our SEO offices are located in Deer Park and Bohemia in Long Island, NY.
  • We ranked hundreds of companies on page one with proven strategies. 
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Almost a perfect 5-star rating across all major platforms, with over 100+ reviews.
  • All of our work is done in-house, with the latest and best tools available to guide us. 
  • Trusted by companies all over the USA. 

Your Search Ends Here: A Long Island SEO Company with a Track Record of Success

Design Me Marketing provides the SEO strategies you’ve been searching for. Don’t let another day go by letting your competitors outshine you! It’s time for your business to stand out and get the recognition it deserves!


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Long Island SEO Services FAQs

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is essentially about enhancing your brand’s online footprint. By optimizing your website, content, and social media profiles, you increase your online visibility. This optimization pushes your website to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), making it easier and quicker for your online customers to find your business.

In the digital marketing sphere, the focus is on boosting visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing, and promoting interaction on social media platforms. It also includes leveraging email marketing campaigns, creating user-friendly websites, and incorporating applications to interact and connect with potential and current clients. By utilizing these digital channels, businesses can effectively reach their desired audience and create significant connections within the digital world.

Digital marketing encompasses search engine optimization (for platforms like Google and Bing), visibility and engagement on social media, email marketing initiatives, website design and development, and the integration of applications to foster connections with potential and existing customers.

SEO is about fine-tuning your digital footprint, particularly your website, to make it more attractive to search engines like Google and Bing. These search engines scan your website to understand its content. Utilizing top-notch SEO practices guarantees that search engines can effortlessly interpret your site. SEO escalates the volume of organic traffic landing on your website and improves the caliber of your visitors, all at no additional cost. It doesn’t require any paid media or placements and it doesn’t count direct traffic. By implementing a solid SEO strategy on your website, Google will acknowledge it as a trustworthy resource and steer users in your direction.

Despite slight differences among various search engines, your SEO strategy can mainly focus on Google. This is because it’s the go-to search engine for a majority of your prospective clients. Furthermore, a substantial amount of organic traffic comes from Google.

It’s advisable to set aside money in your marketing budget to engage a proficient SEO agency or expert. The expense you might bear is proportionate to the level of work needed to ensure success. A digital agency or SEO professional will establish their charges based on the project’s scope and your outlined expectations. The average hourly rate for an agency or SEO specialist is approximately $150 per hour. We offer cost-effective packages that start at $500/month.

Certainly, with some proficiency and learning from trial and error, you can implement a basic SEO strategy on your website. However, SEO requires dedication and involves handling both technical and on-page SEO. Moreover, keeping abreast with the algorithm changes of different search engines is vital.

There are four principal elements that greatly impact your SEO ranking, even if you’ve implemented only a basic search strategy on your website. These essential factors include:

Website Load Time — If your site is slow to load, visitors may abandon it, potentially turning to a competitor’s site. All search engines, including Google, will downgrade your site in rankings due to sluggish load times. This becomes particularly critical with Google’s confirmed major update on the horizon. The Core Web Vitals update in March 2021 will emphasize three key areas significantly influencing user experience on your site, with website load time being a crucial determinant for sustaining or enhancing your ranking.

Keyword Choice — It’s imperative to thoughtfully select your keywords to make sure your site and its pages surface under the correct search terms that your target customers are using.

Content Quality — Producing top-notch content on your site makes it easier for your audience to find you and encourages them to stay longer on your site. This increased engagement can elevate your standings on search engines.

HARO Links — High-quality backlinks are also an extremely important component of any SEO strategy. A backlink occurs when another site links back to yours. The higher the quality of the site (with quality gauged by domain authority (DA) and organic traffic), the more potent the link.

Blogging can substantially boost your SEO strategy throughout your site, given that it is built with optimization as its foundation. Search engines strive to locate content on your site that adequately responds to users’ search inquiries. Hence, by regularly producing and distributing top-tier, detailed blog articles that tackle pertinent subjects in your industry, your site stands a better chance of being identified as a trustworthy resource for the searched topic. Utilizing on-page SEO methods guarantees that search engines can find your blog content more seamlessly.

SEO, when combined with pay-per-click or other paid media approaches, jointly improves your website and positions your brand as a frontrunner in your sector or niche. Typically, SEO provides a better return on investment than its paid media counterparts. While SEO isn’t exactly cheap or straightforward, it demands considerable time and resources to master. Nonetheless, its long-term advantages are significant and lasting. Most of the time, a blend of SEO and paid advertising produces the most successful outcomes.

The duration required to see the results of your SEO initiatives largely hinges on your specific goals and the search campaign methods you employ. Numerous SEO experts propose that it generally takes about four to six months to start observing results. However, it’s vital to comprehend that this is the stage at which you begin to witness improvements, not necessarily when you’ve achieved your established objectives.


SEO is an extensive process entailing various actions executed on a website to facilitate its optimization for search. High-quality content is often linked with SEO, as search algorithms have highlighted content as a critical factor in ranking. These algorithms look for content that fulfills the user’s search intent. If your content actively engages your audience, Google will prioritize showcasing your website to users. However, high-quality content is not the sole component of effective SEO. Your site also needs backlinks from credible external sites with high domain authority scores.

In addition, conforming to best practices involves comprehensive on-page optimization, which encompasses refining your meta content, images, and tags. Then there’s the technical aspect of SEO. Does your website feature an outstanding structure? What about the User Experience (UX)? Is it user-oriented and simple to navigate? Have you ensured appropriate internal linking among your pages? All these elements contribute significantly to a solid SEO strategy.