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Design ME is the digital marketing agency in New York of the future

All businesses have their own specific bread and butter: their products or services. 

But those nuts and bolts don’t necessarily help you stand out from the pack.

Then consider the fact you’re trying to garner a foothold in New York, the home of Wall Street. In the Big Apple, the economy is jam-packed, and it’s even tougher to establish your business. 

Point being?

No matter the quality of your products or services, you need something extra to push your business over the edge. And when you partner with the top digital marketing agency in New York, you’re getting something more than a push–you’ll be rocket-launched to new heights.

You’re likely familiar with firms that buy up traditional ad space and charge you 90% of your overall budget.

However, marketing isn’t what it used to be, and there’s now a chance for companies of all sizes and budgets to do something special.

Do you want to get in on the ground floor of those new opportunities? Then our digital marketing agency in New York is where you should turn. Because we’re changing the game for businesses like yours.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Whenever a marketing effort uses the internet or an electronic device, it’s defined as digital marketing.

Digital marketing channels include search engines, email, social media, and websites with the intent of reaching your target audience, whether potential or current customers. 

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Why Should You Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency in New York?

In 2021, it isn’t only the Ferraris, Nikes, and McDonalds of the world that can afford marketing campaigns.

Yes. Those companies will dominate the traditional methods discussed below. But by reading further, you’ll see why TV, print, and radio as marketing techniques are being left in the dust.

TV Marketing Isn’t Viable for Most Businesses.

A 30-second ad spot can feel like you’re spending on a Hollywood blockbuster.

Even if you can afford a television spot, there’s no guarantee you’ll reach a relevant audience. It’s only the super heavyweights who can purchase ads during the Superbowl or other prime time slots that get eyes on their marketing.

Newspapers Don’t Offer the Return on Investment Your Business Needs.

Newspaper ads currently combine print with digital mediums such as social media, leading to bloated costs for ad space. 

Another issue newspaper marketing is the increased costs aligned with readership and reputation. 

Affordable spots are plentiful in a publication nobody reads. But if you want to market your business in the New York Times, the costs are severe. And, unfortunately, that’s the only way you’re likely to reach a relevant audience. Provided you aren’t a massive corporation, you’ll struggle to generate a return on your investment (ROI) with newspaper marketing.

Radio Spots Are a Thing of the Past

The radio isn’t a completely dead medium, but it’s undoubtedly clinging to life. 

More traditional content has shifted toward modern mediums such as satellite radio, podcasts, or YouTube videos. These shifts contribute to heightened operating costs, driving the price for marketing and ad space.

2021 is the Year for Marketing ROI

In 2021, the playing field is evened in the digital space. 

There’s room for your business to identify, research, and craft an entire campaign that speaks to your specific audience. The Amazons and Wal-Marts of the world don’t get to bully you around anymore.

To the above point, by partnering with our digital marketing agency in New York, you’ll have an expert at your side, maximizing every dollar you spend on your campaigns. 

You could be small, medium, or anything in between. A game-changing digital marketing agency in New York will help you carve your own marketing niche. Once you gain your foothold and establish an audience, you won’t just have the keys to the kingdom; you’ll create your own little empire in the Empire State.

Teaming With a Top-Performing Digital Marketing Agency in New York is a Low-Cost Method to Generate High Amounts of Revenue.

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Even to this day, traditional marketing methods still get your brand in front of millions. But 99.99% of the time, the financial investment just doesn’t add up, especially for small-to-medium-sized businesses. 

The above notion is complicated because seeking out bargain-basement solutions is a one-way ticket to bankruptcy. You must spend money to make it. 

So you need to spend intelligently. After all, there’s zero profit when you spend a million dollars to earn the same amount back in revenue.

Digital marketing allows for hyper-intelligent spending, with highly affordable up-front costs compared to traditional methods. Plus, there’s superior audience engagement compared to the old ways.

The Internet Has a Foothold Over a Worldwide Audience

Buying ad space in a publication, on TV, or on the radio often turns into a game of chance. There’s no accounting for who’s watching, listening, or reading at any given time. Furthermore, these mediums are migrating over to the internet to keep up with the times.

Alternatively, 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, accounting for 59.5% of the global population.

And the digital world is almost everywhere you look now. When not on laptops, people are glued to their mobile devices. 92.6% of online users access the internet via their cellphones, offering non-stop access to your audience.

The digital space is where your brand’s presence needs to exist, and it can do so at scalable prices. 

Beyond that, our digital marketing agency in New York knows the ins and outs of online branding and advertising. Partnering with us is your first step to taking the internet by storm and becoming a giant in your niche. 

Choosing Where and How You Spend

Flexibility and freedom are what make partnering with our high-performing digital marketing agency in New York such an exciting prospect. 

Imagine producing a television spot that doesn’t end up connecting with your audience. You’re stuck with that ad because of the limitations of the medium and how much money you poured into creating it.

The same can even be said for a direct mail campaign that doesn’t work out. You’ve sent out the mailer, and that’s the end of it.

With digital marketing, you aren’t tethered to any given method or approach. A wealth of channels and techniques exists for your business to leverage. Moreover, access to metrics and analytics tells you what’s performing and what isn’t.

Those numbers give you two options with underperforming campaigns:

  1. Tweak the campaign until it works
  2. Stop using the channel altogether

Regardless of what direction you choose, you’ll get the immediate feedback and insights that harness long-term marketing success. 

For instance, if your Instagram campaign isn’t delivering, you might learn better quality photos drive engagement and leads. Conversely, your digital marketing agency in New York might decide Instagram isn’t a good fit for your brand, and you’re better off investing in pay-per-click.

The transparency of these metrics helps you stop unnecessary spending instantly. 

It also allows you to invest in what works for your target market and audience. 

Partnering with a digital marketing agency in New York removes the guesswork from marketing. Our experts understand the numbers game, meaning campaigns are based on sound logic and concrete results. 

That math should speak to any entrepreneur, whether Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, or the owner of a Mom and Pop butcher down in the Bronx. 

Don’t DIY: Let the Best Digital Marketing Agency in New York Be Your Guide.

There are a few roads to travel with digital marketing strategies and campaigns as a business owner. 

Since you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit, you might want to market all on your own.

We understand the lure of DIY. In many instances, it cuts down on costs significantly, bolstering your bottom line.

But digital marketing isn’t the same as cleaning your own floors or learning how to fix a leaky pipe. Instead, it’s a broad discipline with its own expertise, requiring years of consistent practice to master.

Speaking to the above point, we’ll revisit the previous section in which analytics and metrics were discussed. 

Digesting and translating data into results is a job in and of itself. Doing so means you can identify and leverage trends, but it’s much easier said than done.

So, how do you turn data into dollars? By partnering with a digital marketing agency in New York that is comfortable analyzing and monitoring the numbers.

But there’s so much more to digital marketing than data. What immediately springs to mind are SEO, local rankings, social media, and PPC (pay-per-click)–the 4 pillars of success for any brand with an online presence.

The best digital marketing agency in New York eats, sleeps, and breaths those 4 pillars, offering anyone who partners with us a chance to thrive in even the most competitive spaces.

Going Toe-to-Toe with the Heavyweights

The game-changing expertise of our digital marketing agency in New York will help your business stand tall against mainstream brands.

Here’s how an independent sneaker store in SoHo – for instance – can give Nike a run for their money:

  • Work with your agency to identify specific long-tail keywords.
  • Create engaging content around those keywords (e.g., blogs, white papers)
  • Keep making adjustments based on the results of the content.

Search engines have crawlers and algorithms that don’t care about a brand’s size or name. 

The Googles and Bings of the world place the most value on the user experience and how relevant your content is to your target audience.

As a top digital marketing agency in New York, we can’t ignore how social media also evens the playing field with the heavyweights. You can open your business’s account on any platform for free, with the same access to followers as any conglomerate.

The above examples only scratch the surface of how our digital marketing agency in New York can send your business to another stratosphere. 

Below, we’ll take a deeper dive into the 4 pillars of digital marketing success, giving you a clearer idea of what to expect. 

The 4 Pillars of a Successful Digital Marketing Agency in New York

We’ve already briefly discussed the 4 pillars of our success as a digital marketing agency in New York. But topics such as SEO, social media, local rankings, and PPC deserve much more attention.

Once you learn more about these digital marketing channels, you’ll have a clear picture of how they’ll spearhead your business’s momentum:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Being a highly revered digital marketing agency in New York means we’re obligated to share this crucial stat with you:

Websites on page 1 of the search engine results get 95% of web traffic. 

Therefore, all other results receive a measly 5% of potential visitors. This statistic highlights how crucial a well-thought, excellently executed SEO strategy is to your digital marketing success.

SEO primarily focuses on helping you rank higher on search engine results pages. It boosts how much organic (i.e., free) traffic will visit your website. 

Typically, SEO applies to your blogs, websites, and infographics.

Here are a few ways we approach SEO as a top digital marketing agency in New York:

  • On-page SEO
    • This version of SEO is exactly as it sounds, existing on the web pages you want your audience landing on.
    • On-page SEO requires keyword research to figure out search volume and intent (i.e., meaning).
    • If you answer questions for readers, it can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Off-page SEO
    • Here, your digital marketing agency in New York should ask what factors outside of your website impact your search rankings.
    • Inbound links (aka backlinks) are integral to off-page SEO. These are created when another publisher links to your pages.
    • Backlinks impact your SEO based on how many publishers create the inbound links and the reputation of those making links to your website. 
    • The more backlinks, the better. But one high-quality backlink can make more difference than hundreds of mediocre ones.
    • Networking with other website owners or writing guest posts on these websites (where you link back to your site) helps you earn backlinks. This elevates your site to a high-ranking spot on search engine results pages.
  • Technical SEO
    • Your website’s backend – and how your pages are coded – is where the magic of technical SEO comes into play.
    • Factors such as image compression, CSS file optimization, structured data play pivotal roles in technical SEO. More specifically, they increase the loading speed on your pages, which plays a role in dictating where search engines rank your website.

Being a top digital marketing agency in New York, we’ve seen SEO prove itself time and again as the foundation for successful strategies. And that’s fantastic news for your organization! 

Given the low price involved, this technique evens the playing field, giving any business a chance to flourish in the increasingly competitive economy.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that in 2019, 77% of Generation X, 90% of Millennials, and 48% of Baby Boomers were active social media users?

The above statistic shows how you could focus on any target demographic, and social media marketing will still be valuable for your brand.

Of course, your targeted demographics will dictate which social media channel(s) your digital marketing agency in New York focuses on. 

For instance, if you’re selling business-to-business products and services, your best bet is marketing on LinkedIn. Or, provided you’re consumer-focused and your target market is millennials, Instagram and Facebook are your best friends.

There’s also Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest, all with their own audience types. 

When you choose the right platform for social media, your business benefits from a tool that does the following:

  • Increases brand awareness
    • With consistent social media posts, you’re familiarizing your audience with your identity and voice. 
    • Your audience can also interact with you and ask questions, cultivating a relationship and overall goodwill.
  • Drives website traffic
    • You can link back to your website with your social media posts. 
    • Depending on how engaging your content is, this strategy often leads to clickthroughs and even purchases.
  • Generate leads
    • Social media is a touchpoint for your brand with its audience. It can generate a lead almost immediately when someone is already interested in what you’re selling.
    • Or, by fostering lasting relationships with your audience, passive followers will grow interested in your products or services over time. 

Executing social media campaigns is a nuanced process, requiring timeliness and consistency. You must ensure you’re communicating regularly, but not too much (because this can alienate your audience). Furthermore, you must ensure you’re posting at the correct times.

The right time for social media posts generates the most activity, whether creating leads, selling products, or people sharing your content. 

By partnering with the top digital marketing agency in New York, you’ll have a team that fully grasps the above nuances. We help cater your posts to your audience’s specific preferences and lifestyles while ensuring your timing is on point.

Local Rankings

Local businesses might hit the jackpot and find opportunities on a global scale. Still, you first must make waves on the local scene. 

And while many businesses might believe the internet is too vast for local marketing efforts, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With approaches like SEO comes the ability to find your niche and make it as granular as possible (as long as it remains relevant to your audience).

Think about how people use the internet these days. 

Nobody – for instance – types in “shoe store” into the search engine field anymore. They’re far more inclined to enter (or say) “shoe store near me” or “shoe store in Yonkers.”

In fact, they’re even likelier to search “Nikes in Yonkers” or “Prada in Brooklyn,” to be more specific.

You don’t need to limit yourself to one area either. You can target any neighborhood with your SEO if you sell to people in the area.

Moreover, you should target the most lucrative geographical locations. If the Bronx isn’t yielding any results, cut bait and find somewhere else with more potential to generate leads and sales. Best of all, your digital marketing agency in New York can coach you through that process.

Note that Google places a lot of weight on your local rankings, so honing into these efforts is pivotal. 

Also, SEO practices aren’t the only way to improve local rankings. A Google My Business page is a must so that your customers can leave reviews. The more reviews, the better. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

In driving traffic to your website, pay-per-click (PPC) requires you to pay a publisher whenever your ad is clicked.

Google Ads is most synonymous with PPC. With Google, you pay for top rankings on SERPs pages and are charged a specific price whenever anyone clicks the link.

As an experienced digital marketing agency in New York, we’ve run into many business owners hesitant to use PPC.

And while you might want to avoid paying for clicks, PPC visitors are 50% likelier to convert than organic visitors. So, you’ll get the ROI that makes the initial spend worth it.

Here are some other approaches to PPC:

  • Paid Facebook Ads
    • Facebook will publish customized videos, image posts, or slideshows on the newsfeeds of people who match your target audience.
  • Twitter Ads
    • You can publish multiple posts, or profile badges to your specific audience’s Twitter feeds.
    • Campaigns work toward a unique goal (e.g., website traffic, increasing Twitter followers, tweet engagement, app downloads).
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Messages
    • Use LinkedIn to send direct messages to platform users with industries and backgrounds relevant to your products and services.

It’s Time to Partner with a Game-Changing Digital Marketing Agency in New York

Partnering with the top digital marketing agency in New York opens your business to opportunities that might exceed your wildest dreams. And that statement applies to big dreamers.

It’s time to stop limiting yourself to a small piece of what you deserve. 

Our top digital marketing agency in New York is here to help you build your budding empire in the Empire state.

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