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The Best Website Builder for SEO Hands Down

The Best Website Builder For SEO Is WordPress

Why is search engine optimization (SEO) crucial to your brand’s success?

Well, nearly 70% of experiences on the web start on a search engine. That’s one of many reasons why over 60% of B2B marketers state that SEO creates more leads than other internet marketing approaches. 

On top of that, seven out of every ten surveyed online marketers claim that SEO delivers superior results over PPC ads when converting sales. Additionally, nearly half of marketers surveyed said organic search offers better ROI than all other marketing channels.

However, search engine optimization isn’t exactly a straightforward endeavor. You don’t succeed just because you’d decided to take a stab at it.

Developing and executing a big-picture SEO strategy is incredibly tough for many reasons. 

One consideration is how 75% of users never check past the first page results of their search. Those top spots are lucrative territory. Thus, you better believe the competition is fierce to earn that precious virtual real estate. 

When driving traffic to your website through organic means, you must follow a steady array of best practices to reap the rewards offered by SEO.

So–where can you start with following those best practices? How are you supposed to give yourself the needed advantage in this highly lucrative but incredibly competitive online marketing space? 

At Design ME, we believe one of the most crucial steps to a fruitful, results-driven SEO initiative is utilizing the best website builder for SEO.

Website Builder for SEO

Why Is Finding The Best Website Builder For SEO So Important?

There are so many nuts and bolts involved with SEO. You’ve got to develop an effective keyword strategy and garner an understanding of elements such as local SEO, on-page/off-page SEO, and so much more.

It might even benefit you to receive an SEO audit to know where your website stands with your current strategy. Or, if you don’t have a website yet and are merely trying to wrap your head around this complex new world, it starts with the best website builder for SEO (and other aspects, too).

All the above elements of SEO become irrelevant when you don’t have the correct web-builder in play. 

By utilizing the best web builder for SEO, you’re simplifying your search engine optimization implementation. You’re likelier to save time and money–because you aren’t constantly investing in new platforms–and you’ll increase your chances of long-term success.

With that said, let’s discuss the best website builder for SEO: WordPress.

Why Is WordPress The Best Website Builder For SEO?

There’s a reason why WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet. Moreover, 65% of websites using a content manager rely on WordPress. It also is responsible for nearly 40% of the world’s 1 million best-performing websites.

Of course, these are the broad strokes to convey that WordPress is a dominant force. It’s earned a reputation for excellence in the space.

Let’s now get a bit more into the specifics on what makes WordPress the best website builder for SEO:

WordPress’s Ease Of Use Makes It The Best Website Builder For SEO

Okay–we’ve already told you about just how many components of SEO exist. There are enough checkbox items to make your head spin and distract you from the core functionality of your business.

Fortunately, WordPress automatically manages somewhere between 80% to 90% of the standard mechanics of search engine mechanics. The themes found in the software are developed with search engines top of mind. 

To the above point, the HTML functionality synonymous with WordPress is built to work harmoniously with search engine crawlers. 

Of course, automatic search engine optimization tools will only get you so far. However, these components save you plenty of time and make overarching SEO strategy implementation a smoother, more efficient process.

WordPress Is The Best Website Builder For SEO Because Of Flexible Pricing Options

Depending on your current budget, there’s a WordPress package for you, making it a versatile option depending on your company’s intended scope.

There’s even a free plan to get you started. This unpaid package is best used as a demo to see if the platform suits your needs. You could also pay that little bit extra of $4.00 per month for the personal plan–also ideal for smaller operations not interested in scaling up. 

The premium plan is $8.00, while the Business Plan is $25.00 monthly. 

Now–think about the overall yearly cost of splurging for the Business Plan, which will give you the most advanced functionality. That’s only $300 per year. It’s a relatively meager amount compared to the overall costs of running your business.  

In other words, for less than a dollar a day, you’ll enjoy the best website builder and all the advanced capabilities it brings to the table. 

WordPress’s Customizable Permalinks Make It The Best Website Builder For SEO

Keywords–relevant search terms related to your products or services–are a critical component of SEO strategy. 

First, you can put those terms throughout your on-page content, like your web copy or headers. Those practices undoubtedly increase your chance of turning up on the front page of search results. However, these techniques are well-known and used by your industry competition. 

Thus, you need to find inventive ways to incorporate lucrative keywords, like using off-the-page elements. For instance, you can implement these terms into your URL to separate your company from the pack.

While other website builders don’t necessarily allow you to easily perform this technique, WordPress makes it super easy. 

On top of giving you added advantages for relevant search terms, you’re also tidying up otherwise ugly URLs that don’t look professional. 

So, instead of, you’ll have 

These little details improve your users’ experience based solely on visual appeal and make your company look more professional. 

Simplified Optimization Of Images Makes WordPress The Best Website Builder For SEO

Blog posts are an excellent way to bolster your SEO because they:

  • Replenish your website with fresh, valuable content, appeasing web crawlers
  • Are a canvas for relevant keywords, so your website turns up during lucrative searches
  • Allow you to add internal links so that users visit different pages on your website to learn more about your products and services

An essential component of any blog post is its images. Incorporating images strategically and insightfully offers a level of visual and aesthetic harmony that makes your content easier to read and digest. 

The above benefits keep people on your web pages for longer, improving your SEO. However, images help SEO in other, more deep-dive ways, especially using WordPress, which allows you to:

  • Utilize alternative text for the pictures on your blog, providing another place to input relevant keywords
  • Leverage a PlugIn that creates image-based alt text automatically
  • Easily resize images to mitigate any slow load times

Since WordPress Is Catered To Mobile Layouts, It’s The Best Website Builder For SEO

In Q4 last year, 54.4% of online users browsed the internet from their mobile devices. Therefore, your website must be catered to the mobile user experience on top of the laptop and desktop experience.

Another consideration is that Google’s crawlers, responsible for search page rankings, are more focused on the mobile experience than laptop and desktop experiences. 

Here’s where WordPress shines. 

There’s little to no extra work required in adapting your website to mobile layouts. WordPress optimizes your site for mobile browsing automatically. With the best website builder for SEO, you can rest assured that mobile visitors enjoy a high-level, seamless experience on your website. 

How Can You Unlock All That WordPress Has To Offer?

We’re only scratching the surface with everything that WordPress could bring to the table for your website. You can also count the best website builder for SEO to:

  • Speed up web page load times 
  • Simplify metadata management
  • Integrate with social media
  • Utilize top-performing SEO plugins like Rank Math
  • Offer seamless integration with other vital software tools
  • And much more!

Now, there is a caveat to all of this. You could very well leverage WordPress on your own–but there are learning gaps. You must bridge this gap quickly to maximize your return on the best website builder for SEO.

Business owners could take the time to familiarize themselves with WordPress’s most advanced features. Unfortunately, though, there’s an issue with this familiarization process. Getting sucked into the wide world of WordPress capabilities might rob your attention of the core functionalities of your company.

Instead, you should work with an expert like Design ME. We’re experts in web design, SEO services, and using WordPress. 

We know the ins and outs of leveraging WordPress to its fullest capabilities, ensuring it reaches its potential to be the best website builder for SEO. 

Contact us today to learn more–we’d love a chance to learn more about your business and to get cracking on your highly lucrative SEO strategy.

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