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A savvy investment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for Long Island businesses that want to maximize their marketing return on investment. Harnessing the power of organic traffic from SEO, companies can enjoy high-yield conversions and low lead acquisition costs – a winning formula for success!

Design ME Marketing is an acclaimed Long Island SEO firm that has revolutionized the digital marketing space since 2012. Our innovative strategies are crafted to drive measurable success for thousands of businesses around the globe, with results-driven Search Engine Optimization as our pioneering approach.

To dominate the market with innovative digital marketing tactics, Design ME is an ideal partner. Their Long Island SEO services and branding strategy expertise can help you connect with customers in local or international markets like never before! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level – trust their team of experts for successful online promotion.

The 3 SEO Factors That Matter Most

Our approach to Search Engine Optimization gets results because we focus on the 3 areas that matter to Google most.

Website Site Structure
Align with Google's best practices for on-page SEO
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On-Page Content
Build ongoing web content that gets ranked!
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Strategic Backlinking
Build your brand trust and leap to the top of search rankings.
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Design ME Marketing is an internationally renowned online marketing agency located in Deer Park, NY. Our expert team provides cutting-edge SEO solutions for local businesses and clients around the globe. Design ME helps businesses drive maximum results with strategic internet advertising!

Founded in 2012, Jason D’Ambrosio and John Slionski embarked on a journey to build an SEO company that was head and shoulders above their competition. Through strategic growth, their Long Island digital marketing agency has quickly climbed the ranks for exceptional Local SEO Service throughout the world – serving businesses from all backgrounds ranging from local stores to international financial institutions within 10 years of its creation!

In a changing environment, one thing that has stayed constant is the fact that search engines, primarily Google, have been the driving force for the success of business on the web.  

Despite the ever-evolving webscape, one constant has been Google: a dominating factor for business success online. From humble beginnings in 1998 to reigning supreme today with its revolutionary indexing technology, this search giant continues to be an essential tool for those hoping to achieve digital prominence.

With Design ME, be sure of one thing: RESULTS! We are the experts in Long Island SEO and digital marketing services; it’s what we do day-in and out. Our attention to detail boosts your website visibility for more organic rankings – everything from design & social media to content creation & eCommerce optimization is designed with driving new revenue growth at the top of mind. When you want a company that will get tangible results, look no further than us!

Check Out This Long Island SEO Success Story

Island Salt & Spa

This is a massage and spa company out of Sayville, NY. They had a subpar website built by a local company and were paying for local SEO with no results or visibility into the campaign. We were hired to take over their digital marketing and today they are the highest ranked massage and spa company on Long Island! With close to 6000 hits, almost 3000 organic, this local company is doing better than most national franchises! 

Does EVERY business need an SEO Company?

If you own a small business, investing in marketing is part of the pathway to success.  Now that we have stated the obvious, the question is “What type of marketing should you do?”

There are many options ranging from print to tv and radio ads.  Certain social media platforms are better for individual industries.  Not every type of marketing fits each business, perhaps except Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts get you to the top of organic search rankings. Google, the most popular search engine by far, has 10 spots on the first page.  Out of those 10 spots, the coveted #1 position can yield as high as 60% of all the keyword traffic.  We are confident to say that EVERY business benefits from being on the first page.  

Is Search Engine Optimization something that you can do on your own or does it make sense to hire a professional SEO agency?

One Long Island SEO company is equipped to handle this important part of your digital marketing and that is Design ME Marketing.

We are prepared to do all efforts needed to be successful on the web.  There are many efforts on the website itself (on-page SEO) and even outside of the site (off-page SEO) that contribute to being found online.  Not every SEO company, and most business owners, know the extent of what it takes to get the the first page. 

Finding the right SEO Company could change the entire future of your company. Of course we hope you choose us, but most of all we don’t want you to be misled. 

There is so much mis-information about SEO, it is very easy to exhaust precious time and money.  

Our hope is to help you understand the value in hiring a successful SEO company for your small business too!

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) drives the best type of web traffic. It’s the type of traffic that has the highest probability to convert visitors into customers!

As a top Long Island based SEO company, we serve businesses just like yours all across the USA. We have tons of success with businesses, whether the focus is local, national, or being found all across the world!

Another Long Island SEO Client Review

"Design ME has been a home run for our business. Strategically handling our SEO, email marketing, and website maintenance, I cannot say enough about this company. They are attentive, diligent, and have been there for us since we came on board. Not to mention how helpful they have been during the pandemic as well. I highly recommend Design Me."
Andrew S
Owner | Legend Limos
Long Island, NY
Design ME was just voted in the top 15 Digital Marketing Agencies in New York
Design ME has been helping businesses across the USA for the last 10 years! We would love to hear about some of your goals! Set up a call.

Reasons You Need an SEO Agency...

Reason #1- There's a lot of work involved in SEO!

As stated earlier, there is a long list of efforts that go into a legitimate search engine optimization campaign.  Most business owners, marketing managers, and sales directors wear many different hats.  While we aren’t making the claim that it is impossible to perform all the efforts internally, we are boldly saying that without allocating a ton of resources, it is highly unlikely.  Many who try ultimately hire a Long Island SEO company.

To simplify, the long list of action items can be broken down into 2 categories.  These categories are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Understanding On-Page SEO

This is perhaps the  most obvious form of search engine optimization. Just like the name suggests, all of these efforts happen on the website itself.  The main goal is to make the website structure relevant to Google’s standards and best practices (we’ll get into these shortly)

Any good Long Island SEO company will do a thorough website audit on your website and make the needed changes. Your on-page optimization is really A LOT of work.. more than most think. Everything from content structure and strategy to mobile responsiveness, meta descriptions, image text and even structured data (Schema) that is invisible to the eye but so important for ranking. Having a great website, built properly and built to convert is vital. We can certainly help with that. 

Head spinning yet?  We are just getting started.One of the most important aspects is keyword research

If you have a Long Island SEO company, your responsibility for keyword research can be covered in a short discussion.  Then your agency should get to work.  If you elect to handle it yourself, however, guess who is on the hook for the hours of research and the subscriptions for the necessary tools.   If you answered you or your team, you’re right!  

All the required work, however, doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders.  Keyword research is time consuming by itself.  If for no other reason, it might steer you toward finding the right Long Island SEO company, like Design ME.  Let’s look at an example of what it takes to do proper keyword research.

What links mean for search engines

First, there’s some questions you’ll want to consider.

What do you want to get ranked for?  

What is the search volume of those keywords?

Which phrases are your competitors ranking for? 

What page on your website is going to be selected focus on for each keyword. Is our content long enough (min 750 words)? 

Does the content answer the questions or intent of the person searching? 

Do we have images and video on the page? 

Are all of our ALT tags, Meta Titles, and descriptions in? 

Besides the content, is the page set up to convert? 

Can the visitor easily see your number or fill out a form? 

Sounds overwhelming doesn’t it? This is why every small business needs to hire a Long Island SEO company. As implied, the research is only step one of a tedious but rewarding process. At Design ME, we take care of all of the heavy lifting on things like this for you. 

Any good SEO company will set up a game plan based off of the goals that you have. If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call! We will even run a free audit on your website if you want us too. 

Seo Ranking Factors
Google Ranking factors According to Industry Leader MOZ

Off-Page SEO

Once you get all of the on page issues corrected and the website formatted correctly, now we need to start driving traffic to the website. This is the process of building trust with Google. Why should Google rank you for the keywords you want to be found for over your competitors? Are you offering enough value on your website? How do other pages think of you? The next step a good Long Island SEO company will do is begin taking the great content that you have written and start acquiring what is called back-links.

What are back links?

Back links are when other websites link back to your website. Now, this is very important. There is a right way to do this and a very…VERY wrong way to do this that will penalize you instead of helping you. If you go and hire some company overseas and buy a whole bunch of spammy back links from websites with no authority, that will hurt. I mean c’mon, Google is smart. They realize when you have zero links and then go to 1000 links in 24 hours that something is up and that you got this links by “black hat” means. 

Your back linking plan has to be “organic.” You have to have good enough content that people want to share. Back linking is what we at Design ME do best. Not only do you need to just get back links, but your links have to come from credible websites with a high “domain authority.”

Domain authority is a score from 0-100 that SEO staples like SEMrush and MOZ use to determine the credibility of a website. This is a very complex score that is based on many things like content, back links, website platform and structure, social media presence and many more very complicated stats. Either way, the Domain Authority is a pretty accurate statistic in measuring a websites authority, which coincides with the websites ranking. 

Building good backlinks is also a very time consuming process.  One way requires finding authoritative websites in your industry.  You’ll want to run a scan to make sure that the site is not toxic (containing spam or malware).  Next you have to solicit the webmaster to see if there is an opportunity to link back.  If they agree, you will have to provide unique content with instructions on how you want the link displayed.  

As you can probably imagine, not every solicitation goes answered and is agreeable, so you have to keep trying.  As a top Long Island SEO Company, Design ME does this everyday.  We have relationships and knowledge that allow us to accomplish this faster than most.  Even with that said, hours of effort goes into creating just one backlink.  

Do you want to oversee this or does it make sense to find the right Long Island SEO company?

In this section, we just scratched the surface.  Search engine optimization takes time and effort, but it is so worth it.  

Reason #2- Google Changes the Rules… Often!

It is reported that Google changes it’s algorithm 500-600 times per year.  While many of these changes go unnoticed, several times a year a major change hits and if you are not ready to adjust, you can lose everything you worked for.  Over the 2 year span from 2019 – 2021 Google released 9 major changes to their algorithm that had a tremendous impact on how sites are ranked.

Any Long Island SEO company worth its weight in salt should be prepared for this.  At the very least, when one happens, Search Engine Optimization professionals should know how to spring into action, find the right resources, and make adjustments as quickly as possible to make sure that your rankings either maintain or grow.  

When working with the right Long Island SEO company, algorithm updates can be times of real opportunity!  If your biggest competitor is slow to react, this could be the chance to pass them for good.  Now, you can handle this yourself (among all else you do) or find a New York SEO agency that is on top of the latest trends and has a track record for success.

If we could brag for a moment, here are a few more success stories from our clients that have been using our SEO services. We are not just a Long Island SEO company.  Our clients range from local businesses to national brands.

Click Image Above To Expand

Bento For Business

Bento is a national spend/expense management company that was on a downward spiral from their last seo company whom, for whatever reason, stopped building backlinks for them. We came in and re did some of their content structure and started working on conversion and back linking. We doubled their monthly traffic in 2 months and are increasingly gaining more national traffic month after month. 

Click Image Above To Expand

Ultimate Floors

This is a cool story of a recent client that just started with us. They had an old website that wasn’t doing much. They found us online and hired us to move forward with a website build followed by SEO. Within the first 4 months of their SEO package, we started to see their rankings jump up the search engines to where now they are getting over 200 calls/month in a very competitive business niche. This client recently expressed how thrilled they are and now want to expand into another 15 keywords. 

small spot 7

Reason #3- It Saves You Money

So far we have covered that hiring a Long Island SEO company for your small business will save you the time of all the efforts required.  It will save you the headache of having to make adjustments as the rules change.  But lastly, hiring a Long Island SEO company will save you money.  That benefit is one we find almost every business owner loves!  

First, as a business owner, there is nothing more expensive than your time.  So, if you are planning on handling your organic strategy yourself, most likely it is going to require hiring and managing the right people.  Here are just a few hires you are going to make.  To be upfront, the ultimate point of this final section is that a Long Island SEO company has all of these people in place.  With one retainer, you can have all the skills search engine optimization requires working for you.  

To offer some perspective,  to do search engine optimization properly, here are the positions you would consider hiring. 

Content Writer – ($40K – $80K per year)

Web Analytics Manager – ($80K – $100K per year)

Website Developer – ($50K – $125K per year)

Marketing Manager – ($44K – $100K per year)

Hiring a Long Island SEO company for small business makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the financial and administrative investment of doing it on your own. 

Is SEO worth it for your business? Final thoughts...

Believe it or not I do get this question a lot. Companies will often believe that hiring a Long Island SEO company for their business may not be worth the investment. When looking at the search statistics and how much more people are using the internet now than ever before, you better be thinking about getting your business online before it is too late. 

Everyone searches online for businesses. They look for new companies, they want to validate a company, or need an emergency. Either way, everyone always goes to the mighty Google for help and you want to make sure your business is front and center when they are looking. We are living in a whole new day and age right now and having a budget for digital marketing is equally as important as your rent for your business. I mean, it is your “space” on the digital highways. 

Let’s look at the numbers:

  • The phrase “plumbers near me” gets searched 368,000 times per month
  • “dentist near me” gets searched 1.5 million times per month
  • “mechanic near me” gets searched 410,000 times per month
  • “restaurants near me” gets searched 16.6 million times per month
  • “landscapers near me” gets searched 165,000 times per month did an unbelievable study on proving why small businesses need a local strategy.

They run with numbers like

  • 97% of people who search online are looking for a local business.
  • 80% of local searches convert
  • “Near Me” searches have increased nearly 500% in the last 2 years. 
  • 50% of users visit the store they searched for within a day. 
The case for hiring a Long Island SEO company is at least a compelling consideration for any company that is serious about taking its digital advertising to a new level.  Search Engine Optimization has been and will continue to be a key pillar in any successful web strategy.  

There is so much more! So you tell me…what are you waiting for?  If you live on Long Island or any of the beautiful towns like Glen Cove, Deer Park, Babylon, Hamptons…really anywhere! The Design ME team is here to help!  

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