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Bento For Business

Bento for Business

Bento for Business offers control over company spending and expenses all on one innovative platform.

The Project

When we connected with Bento, they were frustrated with a developer that had been working on a website revamp.  Not only was the new look and feel not what they had envisioned, but the company they trusted put no thought to maintaining their file path and url structure.  Yikes!  This can be fatal to a businesses current organic rankings.

Bento for Business needed a company that would build an amazing site but also carefully transfer the the url structure.  The Design ME team performed both of these tasks successfully many times before.  After offering an initial consultation, Bento chose Design ME to accomplish what they had been trying to do for quite some time.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:

The Experience

The Design ME team got to work.  We kicked off with a detailed design session to make sure that the vision of the Bento team was clearly communicated and understood.  They had been through a lot and we wanted to make sure that the experience was nothing short of amazing.

We were so happy when the initial homepage concepts were met with excitement.  It was clear that the Design ME UI/UX Graphic Designers were off to a great start.  With clear communication and teamwork, each page was designed and coded.

Transferring the blogs and articles took extra special care as the file paths needed to be maintained with extreme precision.  This was completed with success and the site launched on time and, based on the client’s feedback, the Design ME team nailed it!

The client was so happy with the results that they elected to shift all marketing efforts to our digital marketing team.  To date, we have nearly doubled the companies organic traffic with on-page and off-page efforts and managing AdWords to convert more customers than ever through PPC.



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The Experience



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