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Island Salt and Spa

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Island Salt and Spa

Island Salt and Spa is a place where wellness and beauty come together.

The Challenge

Here is another example of what we deem at Design ME as a “Rescue Mission”. Island Salt and Spa was in a very undesirable business partnership with another local company. They had little to no access to their site for changes, response time to requests was not acceptable, and after paying for 6+ months of “Search Engine Optimization”, they weren’t even ranking for their name.

Thankfully, a mutual colleague told them about Design ME Marketing. They transferred the site to our secure servers and we got to work. First we took a deep dive into the coding only to find that there were challenges that prohibited search crawls. Can you imagine paying for SEO and the company (that built the site) doesn’t catch that? Second, we made some changes to improve the design, help conversion, while adding a tracking number through our partner Phonewagon. Lastly, it was SEO time and we turned this shop around in a BIG-TIME way.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:

The Results

In the words of Ron Burgundy, “Well that escalated quickly.” The Design ME SEO team, along with Development and Content Specialists once again made us proud. Capitalizing on their niche but trending market, we made an immediate impact in local search results. New keyword rankings were swift, a sharp rise in organic traffic appeared, and best of all, the phone started ringing!

Today, they get over 1900 hits a month to the site. An average of 72% are first time visitors. In April 2019, there were 95 direct first time callers from the website, resulting in new clientele. All of this was accomplished in under 4 months!

Update:  In late Q4 2023 we saw another huge bump.  As of December 2023, Island Salt and Spa is averaging 700 calls per month with 66% being first time connections.



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The Results

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