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Legend Limousines

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Legend Limousines

Legend Limos provides limousine, party bus, and executive transportation services for occasions ranging from the most elaborate weddings to the most spontaneous nights on the town.

The Project

Legend Limousines was a well-established name in the NY Tri-State area for some time. Over the years, ownership had invested in establishing an organic presence and had reaped the rewards of good placement with some quality keywords.

When they were acquired by a highly reputable transportation outfit in 2018, search engine visibility was a benefit, yet all signs pointed to a consistent decline. The site was antiquated (to put it nicely) and lacking many important components that contribute to modern-day SEO best practices.

Along with rankings that were steadily slipping, the site completely lacked an on-site conversion strategy. Ownership knew that there was great potential here but, if left unattended, the digital effectiveness would drive off into the sunset.

Legend Limousines hired Design ME Marketing to construct a new website, but more importantly, take on the important task of maintaining the current rankings for quality keywords and developing a game plan to increase daily lead flow.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:

The Results

Design Me’s graphics team provided concepts that were quickly approved. Now came the part that needed real precision. Our SEO team needed to carefully align file paths from the existing website to the new platform.

This was more like surgery than web design. If the previous links were not maintained, aligned and redirected, Legend would have dropped from rankings that were providing quality traffic and even a few leads a day. The old website had hundreds of pages and we had to determine which had value and which did not.

When we launched the website, we watched and waited. SUCCESS! Not only did we maintain the majority of important rankings, but the new web design also yielded more leads than ever before.

We also embarked on a targeted email marketing campaign with automation to help further nurture their large list of clients.

Today, Legend Limos gets near double the daily leads it previously had received. A continued SEO strategy that includes white hat strategic back-linking has added new rankings and a once sinking web presence has been jumpstarted and is now accelerating toward the road ahead with a multi-pronged approach to “driving” business.  Now that’s a sweet ride!



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The Results

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