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Who Drew It

This company was acquired and no longer keeps an active site.

Website Design

Who Drew It

The Project

Game Night has been at risk with the advancement of technology. Who Drew It was created by a great a great family who desired to see more parents, kids, friends, and relatives interacting around the kitchen table more so than glued to their smart phones. They needed a website to help represent the hours of fun the game would bring. We were happy to be the company that they chose.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:

The Experience

The folks launching Who Drew It needed a design that would properly represent the hours of fun that the game would bring to anyone who would play it. They even provided several to Design ME staff and, after playing first hand in the office and at home, the verdict was in…. THIS IS A REALLY FUN GAME!

We used embedded video to help set the stage and show the experience and custom graphics to align with branding and concept. Look out for Who Drew It in stores this holiday season!



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The Experience

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