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Web Design Trends 2022

Web design trends 2021. Can you even believe we are in 2021? It feels like yesterday I was writing about web design trends in 2014. So much has changed this year. Every few years, we see new design trends arise as technology changes around us. We have seen one of the biggest changes in the last few years than ever before. What use to be popular—flashy animations and busy designs—is NOT recommended anymore. Nowadays, simplicity is valued a whole lot more but simplicity doesn’t mean boring. We are seeing some interesting trends take place as we close out 2020. These trends are not just our own clients preference, but the best usability experiences for potential customers on the website. So let’s dive into this a bit and have some fun.

Here are the top four web design trends 2022:

1.White Space and Large Still Images

Some of the biggest web design trends 2021 is flat web design and it’s one of the biggest changes in the last few years that we have seen. We went from every website have these large full width sliders to one image and one call out.  In previous years, websites were filled with flamboyant illustrations and crazy animations but now we see more white space with bigger fonts. Websites are much more focused on being user-friendly where information is much more easier to find. The more “clean” your website is, the better your user experience will be which in the end, makes the website more effective. Having too many colors or elements makes your website too distracting. The minimalistic feel is more valuable these days. There is no doubt that this will lead our list as number one on the top 4 web design trends of 2021.

2.Video Backgrounds

Now if you are going for that WOW moment when someone gets to your website and you really have something to show off we recommend a video background. You can still have a video background and keep the website clean and simple. Video is becoming more valuable on every marketing channel: not only in web design but on Facebook and Instagram as well. Video backgrounds on websites are becoming more popular because it is more eye-catching than a plain photo. It’s captures a users attention and makes them stay longer on your website. If your video includes call-to-actions, you encourage the new user to explore more on your website.

3.Moving Parts

I can’t stress this enough. Simple does not mean boring and it is one of the biggest web design trends 2021. There is a strategic way that you can add moving elements to your website without looking like a scrapbook or a stock photo website threw up on your page. Have your elements move onto the pages as the user is scrolling down really adds a cool feel to the website. It also makes the website more professional looking. You can do this with some graphics that push the focus onto your content or by having the content itself move in a way to draw attention to what you want the visitor to do. 

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4.Dark Mode

This is an interesting one for me as I have seen a trend take place where people are moving to darker and edgier looking websites. There is no doubt about it, you can do a lot with a darker website to make your website pop, but if your website is gathering information I would still recommend lighter and softer colors. There is a reason why mostly all of the social media platforms use whites and blues and the reason is that when your website is built with those colors, studies show that the visitor feels more comfortable putting in their information. Think of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In (all blue and white). 

If you have a company where you are just looking them to give you a call for a service then you can get away with the darker websites. Your website designer should be educated enough in this process to give you all the information you need to make an educated decision on what is best for you and your company. 

Of the top web design trends 2022, which ones are you using?

An effective website is one of the most important factors in the success of a business. In fact, according to, 75% of people check out a companies website before signing on the dotted line.  Your website is something that you should always be working on, or have companies like mine working on it. There is no reason for you to be losing business because of an outdated website. It’s 2021!  Your website should be working for you and if it’s not, you are missing out on tons of business. 

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