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How to drive traffic to your website

In today’s world, many people have access to technology, social media, and website browsers. So, we can find that the most successful businesses have well developed websites and social media. While social media is a great way for the average person to find your business; websites allow them to see how trustworthy you are, read detailed information about your products or services, and they can connect with your business on a greater level. It really is your location on the digital highways and when you drive traffic to your website, those are real people walking through your doors. 

There isn’t a successful company on the planet that doesn’t have a good website and invest in driving traffic to it but it can be a struggle to have people find a brand new website.

So the million dollar question is how to make your website stand out amongst your competitors and captivate the visitor to click on your website?

That question might seem overwhelming; however, there are three things every business must do to drive traffic to your website. But before we do that, you should know where you currently stand on the web. You should run a free seo report with the Design ME company snapshot tool.

The best ways to drive traffic to your website:

1. Search Engine Optimization

The simple question is when people are searching for what you are offering…where are you? When you utilize search engine optimization-– that means you are being intentional with including certain keywords that you know your target audience may be searching for. You can add these keywords in your onpage text, your image tags, and your meta descriptions. 

By using focused words and common diction themes throughout your website, website browsers would be more likely to find your website. While you do need to have common ideas within your whole website, you do not want to constantly repeat the same words over and over again. You should want your website to feel natural; by doing this, you can organically gain traffic to your website.

Another very important and key component is back linking. I am not talking about hiring an overseas company giving you garbage back links, but good high quality back links. This raises the domain authority of your website which in return ranks your website higher for the keywords you are targeting and drives more traffic to your website.

Do you need help with this? If so you can contact us at Design ME Marketing or learn more about our SEO services

2. Blogging

Having blog content on your website is a great place for your customers to learn more about your product, company, or industry. But it is also a great place to include more of the SEO keywords that you know your ideal customer may be typing into Google. This allows you to use SEO keywords throughout more of your website instead of cramming all of the words in a home page.

Blogs would give you more of a chance to communicate to the viewer that you are a trustworthy business. Not only will browsers be able to find your website, but they will also like what they see.

One of the best tips I give to all of my clients is I tell them to make a list of all of your companies FAQ’s. Once you have this list, write a blog on each one of the questions answering the questions thoroughly. The reason this is very helpful is because when people have a question, they go to the google!

Secondly, if your clients have a question, you can just send them the link to the blog that answers it for them. This is a great way to provide valuable content to your potential customers while generating new leads and one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.

3. Social Media

Remember when we mentioned that social media is a great way for people to find your business? Well, it turns out that it is a great place to interact with your target audience and then direct them back to your website. You can grow a fanbase or a group of followers over social media, and in your comments, captions, and biographies you can tell your followers to check out your website. Growing your social media successes can directly correlate to the success of your website and it will drive traffic to your website. 

The key component with social media is you have to be entertaining. Nobody is going to follow an HVAC company FB page when all you do is post a 5% off coupon once every 3 months. Be funny! Be creative! Get personal! People like this stuff and if you can generate a following…you will drive traffic to your website and generate more leads.

I hope you enjoyed the information above. Please share it on all of your social media platforms and whoever you think would benefit from this. Another great article I wrote that will 100% help you is, “How to rank higher on Google.

This is how we drive traffic to your website. Check out the image below!

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