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Side Out Volleyball League

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Side Out Volleyball League

Sideout Volleyball League is a growing, competitive beach volleyball league on the south shore of Long Island.

The Project

Long Island, NY, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Design ME is located here so that’s our story and we are sticking to it. It is only natural that our coastlines would be a great place to launch a competitive beach volleyball league. That is exactly what the founders of SOVL had in mind. Upon being approved to host a league by local municipalities, construction was underway.

The word had to get out and that begins with a great website. SOVL trusted Design ME for this important task. They needed online stat reporting, a smooth registration process, and a backend that both archived player insurance information and was easy to use for league officials to update.

After a successful build, Design ME was then hired to manage a Social Media Ad campaign.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:

The Experience

We started on the build, incorporating the league’s colorful branding.  The frontend was playful but direct.  On the homepage, is a section with a direct feed from Instagram and we integrated all relevant social media.  The standings can be easily updated on the backend and we customized the plugin to further fit the needs of SOVL.  Schedules and scores from previous games are archived.  The feedback from the client was that players really enjoyed being able to review results not only from their own games but also from competitors.

As the start of the league approached, Design ME helped launch a Facebook and Instagram campaign with a hyperlocal focus.  The community response was strong.  People were excited to have this new league available.   As registrations started coming in, new teams were developed and both team captains and players signed up via the registration process.  One of the most important factors was that the player’s insurance information needed to be archived.  Our team developed a database that locked player information so SOVL could remain compliant with these requirements.

Sideout Volleyball’s first year was a success! Social Ads brought a lot of community awareness and helped to fill out a league that plays every day of the week.  It was exciting to see this startup initiative take off and we were glad to play a role in its inaugural year.



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The Experience

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