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What is Domain authority? The million dollar question! The internet has become a go-to refuge for people who are unsure about what to purchase or who to trust. When search engines such as Google show certain websites on the first page of the search results, we trust it to give us the desired answer. As a business, you want to position yourself on the first, second, or third page of a search engine’s search results. The higher your website positioning is, the higher your ‘Domain Authority’. If you are asking what is domain authority and need some help raising it, call us at 631-292-7770.

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What Is Domain Authority?

For those wondering what domain authority is, Domain Authority is a term coined by Moz, which is a site focused on SEO. While the definition of Domain Authority isn’t clear-cut, it generally refers to an indicator that helps businesses understand their position on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). There are two possible ways of viewing the concept of Domain Authority: one refers to the mere concept of ranking higher and the other refers to the actual measurable metric.

How is domain authority calculated?

What is domain authority and who calculates this?

When it comes to the metric, you can use Domain Authority as an indicator depicting a website’s ability to rank on SERPs. This indicator is based on a scale ranging from 1 to 100, with a higher score indicating that a website can rank better. The higher the search engine ranking you obtain, the more web traffic comes with it. If you are asking what is domain authority and need some help raising it, call us at 631-292-7770.

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As you can use several SEO tools to figure out your Domain Authority, different SEO tools use various factors to calculate it. For example, in the case of Moz’s Domain Authority indicator, the numerical calculation of Domain Authority is complex and based on a machine-learning-based model. This model looks into factors such as the number (and quality) of backlinks. Other factors may include social signals generated by your website, your website’s security, and whether you built your website with SEO in mind. SEO-friendly websites are quick to load, have no error pages, and boast original content that’s full of value.

While all of these factors contribute to Domain Authority, it’s important to note that Google doesn’t use this metric to determine the ranking of domains. However, it should still be an indicator that your account and look out for. If you are asking what is domain authority and need some help raising it, call us at 631-292-7770.

Why Domain Authority Is Important

Domain authority is important

So if Google isn’t using this metric to assess your website’s rankability, why is Domain Authority important?

Well, Domain Authority an important metric to use if you want to see how you rank relative to other websites. This may also reveal how you are relative to other competitors. If you know that your main competitor has a higher Domain Authority than you, you can conduct competitor analyses to help guide your strategy. It also shows how effective your efforts would be when looking to rank on a keyword that your competitor is way ahead of you at. If you are asking what is domain authority and need some help raising it, call us at 631-292-7770.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

what is domain authority and why

Generally speaking, the lower your Domain Authority score, the easier it is to increase it. A website with a Domain Authority score of 10 will have an easier time increasing it than those with a Domain Authority score of 80. In terms of average Domain authority scores, those between 10 and 20 fall into this category. Websites with a Domain Authority between 40 and 60 have a good Domain Authority, while anything above that is excellent. To put things into perspective, highly-frequented popular websites (e.g., Yahoo, Wikipedia) have a Domain Authority score of 80+.

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How can you improve your domain authority?

There are several things you can do to improve your Domain Authority. Firstly, take a look at your backlinks. These refer to a situation where other websites link to your web pages. There are multiple tools available online including Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic. One thing to take into consideration is the quality of these links, as Google is smart enough to differentiate between ‘good’ backlinks and ‘bad’ backlinks. Links that are low-quality refer to those that are irrelevant to your niche or are sourced from spam-filled websites. These may ultimately harm your Domain Authority and credibility.

Good backlinks, on the other hand, are crucial in increasing your Domain Authority. You can encourage others to share your content if your content marketing strategy is optimized. Additionally, if you’re able to provide high-quality content, people might be more willing to share and promote your website. Such quality content can be in the form of social media, press releases, or blog articles. For best results, make sure these backlinks are published on websites that have real traffic themselves. This way, if people click on those backlinks (and are redirected back to your domain), that indicates relevance to search engines. This would also contribute to your Domain Authority.

Another way to improve your Domain Authority is through linking to your own blog. You can do so by ensuring that the pages you link relate to the specific topic you’re talking about. This not only helps Google’s PageRank crawl your page, but it also helps users navigate your website. Both of these will ultimately help you rank better.

Moreover, make sure your promotional efforts tie into your plan to increase your Domain Authority. By promoting quality content on your social media platforms and other such marketing channels –– and garnering both traffic and social metrics –– you can push your website towards better ranks.

When it comes to making sure your website is secure, owning an SSL or TLS certificate can allow you to rank higher. This certification makes sure your internet connections and website users are secure and protected. In doing so, Google will provide more authority to your websites given that it ensures safety and security. We have hoped you’ve learned a lot on what is domain authority!


Your website’s Domain Authority can be insightful in understanding your relative positioning amongst competitors. Additionally, its an effective tool can help you understand what actions you have to take to improve your Domain Authority, and what your chances are of increasing it amongst competitors. If you are asking what is domain authority and need some help raising it, call us at 631-292-7770.

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