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Right Coast Taqueria

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Right Coast Taqueria

Right Coast Taqueria is a Long Island based company mastering in the art of everyone’s favorite food… Tacos!

The Challenge

Right Coast Taqueria opened in 2018 and it didn’t take for the community to fall in love with their food. They were committed to quality and great service. Their decor was interesting and the atmosphere fun and inviting. But in today’s market, it is crucial to stay in front of customers to remain relevant.

As the business got off the ground, having a website was on their “to-do” list. Right Coast hired a company and it was completed. However, when it came time to start marketing, some challenges surfaced. The design of the site had flaws. On-Page content strategy and site structure did not yield good conversion and without any prior marketing, they were getting very little traffic. To make matters more frustrating, they didn’t feel the current provider was attentive enough to their needs.

Right Coast sought the help of Design ME to perform a site audit and consult on some ideas. We found that beyond the strategy, the site had coding issues that affected performance and even hindered them from advancing in organic searches.

After presenting a 3 pronged approach that would improve the website, enhance organic traffic and bolster their social media strategy, Right Coast learned something. We approach web marketing like they approach guacomole… Design ME does it right!

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:

The Results

After transferring the website to Design ME’s secure servers, we fixed a myriad of coding issues and fixed the backend content system. Consulting with ownership, we implemented some structure changes to help both make the site flow better and increase conversion.

Now the fun really began! Design ME’s PPC and Social Media Team combined to develop a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign. We used redeemable offers as a way to gauge success. Within a very short period of time, Right Coast started to see new and previous customers coming in with the deals and placing orders through the website.

Walk in traffic increased. This is likely because the Right Coast branding was being seen across social media on a daily basis. It is so important to remain visible. If you don’t a competitor will.

Today, the buzz around Right Coast is back and the Design ME staff looks for any reason to offer an “on site visit”. Yes, we love spending time with clients…. but, we also love tacos.


The Challenge

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The Results

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